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Iced Tea Video Competition - GIVEAWAY!!

Hello there. We have exciting news for you. At Iced Tea Aesthetics, we believe in the power of love. And love should be shared. What good is a company that doesn't share or care? Heh. We know how much you love our products, so here you go - a special giveaway just for you lot.

A giveaway? Yes. Who can participate? All Iced Tea members, dummy.

We're gonna keep it short and simple. Read the rules below and find out more about this event!


1. Participation

You have to have purchased a product from Iced Tea Aesthetics in the past. Doesn't matter what/when, you just have to be a customer.

2. How To Enter

Very simple - Make a short video of 10 to 20 seconds describing the merch you got from us. It has to be in portrait mode. The video can be anything but it has to include the Iced Tea merch. Go crazy. Be as creative as you want. We just want to see you talk about our merch, and the end result... is up to you.

To enter, simply post the video on your IG (must be public) and tag our Instagram @iced_tea_x.

3. Winners


All entries will receive a free shirt on their next purchase! Best video wins 2 hoodies and 2 tees of their choice from our store. The winners will be announced mid October! So what are you waiting for?! You really gonna miss out on a free shirt like that?


So, are you ready to show what you got? Come be a part of this event and stand a chance to cop some sweet aesthetic anime streetwear!

Send us all entries by 15th October, tag us on Instagram! COUNTDOWN BEGINS! GET READY!!!

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