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How to introduce your friends to Anime without scaring them

How to introduce your friends to Anime without scaring them

So... you’ve got a homie with whom you’d want to share your love of Anime? And you don’t want to come across as an aggressive Otaku? Don’t worry, we gotchu. Just follow this step-by-step plan to slowly ease them into the world of Anime and Manga without scaring them sh*tless.


Step 1.

Take a deep breath. They might think Naruto and Dragon Ball are the only Animes to exist. You have to move past that. Tell yourself, “It’s okay. I will not go berserk.” (Haha, geddit?) It is up to you, to show them a whole new world. You gotta be the Aladdin to their Jasmine.


Step 2.

Start by asking what type of genres interest them. And then dish out some of the most classic and basic recommendations you can go with. Here are a few:


Attack on Titan is full of action and dark fantasy. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch crazy man-eating titans being fought by a protagonist whose entire town was destroyed by said giants? A tale of revenge, hardcore action and emotion-filled rollercoasters that make you love the characters and get you to cry when something bad happens to them – a perfect recommendation for newbies!

Death Note

A great thriller to get into if they’re new to Anime. We promise that they might even spare you if they get a Death Note for this recommendation! A dark Anime about a teen who finds a book called Death Note, that allows a user to kill anyone they want by simply writing their name in the book... and an elite task force to stop this teen from doing that and bringing him to justice! Can’t go wrong with this one.


Neon Genesis Evangelion is probably another epic that you might wanna get your friends into. Post-apocalyptic and super mecha, this awesome piece of art will definitely make them thank you. (And then you can thank us!)


Step 3.

Once they’re addicted to the mainstream Anime, it won’t be too long before they start asking you for more. Now is the time to send them the other gold and make them a true Anime fan.

We recommend movies like Perfect Blue and Princess Mononoke, Animes like Berserk and Demon Slayer, and series available on Netflix such as Castlevania.

You’ve done great comrade. Now they’re finally as much into Anime as you are.

But be very careful. If you mess up any of these steps, you might end up scaring them. So take it slow!

And remember. If they resist, bribe them with some Iced Tea merch! ;)

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Have fun!

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