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Cool Attack On Titan Fanart

Cool Attack On Titan Fanart

Just like most of y'all, we are big fans of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) and you can see that across our store... which is why we'd like to share with you guys some really awesome AOT fanart that we personally think is absolutely cool!

Samurai Levi

Levi Ackerman as a Samurai (AOT)


This cool rendition of Levi as a Samurai by @ysso_titan is fantastic!

Eren as an Etching

Eren Titan as an Etching (AOT)


Eren in his Titan form, as an Etching. Via Gerardo Sandoval

Armored Titan

Armored Titan fanart


Armored Titan by moni158 looks breathtakingly... evil.

Captain Levi

Captain Levi Ackerman (AOT)


This should be on a goddamn t-shirt! Made by the talented Jacob Noble.

Sexy Mikasa

Sexy Mikasa fanart


Uhhh... 😳😳😳 Yo how did this get in here 😳

It do be really nice tho 😳

Via : HooBaMon

Well, now that you've seen some of our favorite stuff, why not take some time and check out the new Attack on Titan drop on our site?

Pssst... We got Cyborg versions.... ;)

Sold out

Sold out

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