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3 Must Have Pixel Games Before The Steam Summer Sale Ends

3 Must Have Pixel Games Before The Steam Summer Sale Ends


While everyone's getting Sekiro and Resident Evil 3 for almost 50% off, you should also take a peek at some of the coolest indie games that are on sale for a way bigger discount than these AAA titles on Steam.

Here’s a top 3 of our favs that you should TOTALLY check out!


A rogue-like procedurally generated pixel graphic game, Noita is one of the most addictive games on our list. This game is extremely difficult to master and you will die multiple times.


Dead cells, is simply a "Kill, die, learn, repeat" game, where you upgrade yourself and keep getting stronger, better and wiser with every session. A 2D action platformer, this is a very aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully crafted game that you must definitely get your hands on - it has got a very high replayability value!


Now this is a great concept - a local multiplayer game that allows up to 4 players to join in; Crawl is a game where you're thrown into the depths of hell and your friends control the monsters!!! You can either choose to be the hero, or, make sure he never leaves! And if a friend manages to kill ya - it's their turn to CRAWL!

That’s it for our list! Make sure you snag them before the sale ends today!

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