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3 Underrated Anime Themed Games You MUST Play!

3 Underrated Anime Themed Games You MUST Play!

Bored? Tired of this pandemic? Love anime and have some free time? Well then, check out this small list of aesthetic anime themed games that you should TOTALLY play! Bonus : You will enjoy them way more if you like visual novels!


 This is a free to play, cute and surprisingly addictive game featuring kawaii demon girls. You're in hell, looking for love. (Wow, that doesn't sound very different from our personal love lives these days O.o
It's not lewd, it's tame - although you might fall in love with one of them! Be careful. Download it HERE!


Ah yes. This bear might seem cuddly and wholesome, but trust us, HE'S NOT.
This game involves a bunch of high schoolers who are forced to murder each other by this bear. And... things get pretty intense. There's a mix of multiple elements in the game, and you're surely going to enjoy it. 
You can have a look at this series on Steam.


If you're an Anime enthusiast, then you've surely heard about Steins;Gate. The visual novel game series Science Adventure that inspired an entire TV series in 2011 is an absolute treat for everyone out there. What's not to love? Anime, science fiction and time-travel! It's the second game in the series, followed by Chaos;Gate. This series has 4 games out so far, and a 5th one currently in development. Go cop them on Steam! 
Have you played any of them? Leave your thoughts about them below! And if you haven't yet, what are you doing?! GO PLAY THEM!
Oh, and don't forget to check out the home page for some sweet and sick ass discounts ;)  Alright, see y'all soon, now go break some eggs or whatever. Stay safe.
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